Rubber/Polymer Coverings

Rubber Covering

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Rubber/Polymer Coverings

Many different industries utilize rubber coverings on rollers.  Typically, the rolls are covered with an elastomeric composition to allow for the creation of uniform pressure in ‘nip zone’.   To ensure the nip region remains intact, the properties of the roll covering must be stable and not degrade with use.  The selection of the roll covering needs to take the physical conditions of the covering (static) and when in use (dynamic).  The covering properties and dimensions must not change appreciably in use when exposed to different environmental stress: temperature, moisture, chemicals,  loading, oxidation, etc.

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Alloy Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Lightweight Aluminum, Stainless Steel

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ASME Heat Transfer Roll, Dead Shaft Roll, Heat Transfer Roll, Live Shaft Roll

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Custom Rolls, Engineering and Design, Refurbishing


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