Laminating Rolls

Laminating Rolls

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Laminating Rolls

Some rolls are subject to heavy loading during use: to pull the web; to laminate two webs together; to drive other rolls; etc.

Called by a variety of names (drive rolls, layon rolls, laminating rolls, contact rolls, etc.), these rolls have one thing in common – they are nipped against something by mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic force.

In many cases, the nip roll is rubber covered.

When you need a nip roll and aren’t sure how strong it needs to be, let us know about your application. If you’re updating an existing line and need to know if your present rolls will work, we can advise you there, also.

Things such as:
  • cylinder size
  • air or fluid pressure
  • any mechanical advantage
  • bearing centerlines
  • speed

All go into the equation to design the optimum, safe roll without any overkill.

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Alloy Steel, ASME Certified Material, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

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ASME Heat Transfer Roll, Heat Transfer Roll, Live Shaft Roll


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Converting Industry, General Industry, Packaging Industry, Plastics Industry, Printing Industry

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