Idler Rolls

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Idler Rolls

Idler rolls are the backbone of most web fed applications yet they don’t get the credit for a quality product. A quality idler roll usually goes unnoticed in the overall operation of most lines.

Conversely a poor quality idler gets noticed a lot:
  • • If it’s out of balance, it can cause undo vibrations throughout the machine line.
  • • If its straightness isn’t held, it can cause web drift.
  • • Rough surface finishes or surface defects might mark the web.
  • • Excess run-out shows up as angular misalignment and can cause a myriad of problems.

At C.R.E.W., we’re intimately familiar with idler roll standards of the industry and we not only meet them, but beat them.


As a general rule, you can expect a C.R.E.W. idler to meet the following criteria:
  • 32 Ra surface finish
  • Dynamically balanced to well within Quality Grade G 6.3 @ 1000 to –2000 FPM (or your line speed)
  • Straightness across the roll face within .0005 per foot of face length
  • Run-out within .002–.005 (depending upon the diameter-to-face ratio)
  • Materials & Types:

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Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Lightweight Aluminum, Mighty Light Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Product Type

Dead Shaft Idler, Live Shaft Idler, Standard Roll


Converting Industry, Food Processing Industry, General Industry, Packaging Industry, Plastics Industry, Printing Industry, Steel & Metal Processing Industry, Tissue & Paper Industry

Custom and Refurbished

Engineering and Design, Standard Rolls


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