Herringbone Grooving

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Herringbone Grooving

Wrinkling has been a problem ever since man started running webs over rollers. Spreader rolls (rollers that are supposed to remove and/or prevent web wrinkling) can take many forms: Herringbone pattern, Chevron Groove pattern, Reverse Taper configuration, Grooved Rubber Cover, to name a few. Different types of spreader configurations work differently depending upon the process, the web material, the wrap angle, etc. The intent is to move the web to the outboard edges and tighten the center of the web, thereby removing or preventing any web wrinkling, prevent web interleaving, or to stretch the web.

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Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Lightweight Aluminum, Mighty Light Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Product Type

ASME Heat Transfer Roll, Dead Shaft Idler, Heat Transfer Roll, Live Shaft Idler


Converting Industry, General Industry, Packaging Industry, Plastics Industry

Custom and Refurbished

Custom Rolls, Engineering and Design, Special Machining, Standard Rolls