Frequently Asked Questions

How can C.R.E.W. help me?

With C.R.E.W.’s experience and skills’ we can engineer, design, and manufacture custom rolls for many different converting applications within the various film, paper, and foil markets. Our manufacturing capabilities and skills have helped many new and existing customers with refurbishing rolls or roll repair.

In addition, C.R.E.W. has a standard product line of dead shaft and live shaft idlers that follow industry standards. See our website for more detail on the rolls within our product line.

Through the on-line quoting process – our customers can quickly customize a standard roll, specify a custom roll, detail out a refurbish roll or a describe a roll repair.

How can I get a quote from C.R.E.W.?

 Getting a quote is easy!

  1. Find what type of roll(s) you are looking for detail out face length and roll diameter
  2. Customize the roll (platings, coverings, machined surfaces) if necessary
  3. Add to your personalized quote cart, submit to C.R.E.W. and also receive a copy of your quote via email for your records!
  4. C.R.E.W. will respond promptly to get you cost and detailed lead time information per your request.

Of course, if you have additional questions or concerns…feel free to contact as or 920-235-5501. We would love to hear from you!

Is the shipping crate included?

Yes, C.R.E.W. includes the crate within the quoted price.

C.R.E.W. crates are made of solid wood construction (not wood blends) to hold up to the stresses of transportation and to help ensure a safe delivery to our customers converting rolls.

In an effort to recycle – C.R.E.W. will pay the shipping costs for sending your crating back to us to re-use on your next order.

Contact C.R.E.W. for more for more details.


Does C.R.E.W. only refurbish custom rolls?


C.R.E.W. will also refurbish standard idlers. Consider sending C.R.E.W. idlers that need repair in recycled crating.

C.R.E.W. wants to provide our customers choices that allow for a more meaningful, effective, and sustainable solution for the environment and your business.

What is C.R.E.W.'s lead time for delivery?

C.R.E.W. typically quotes 2-3 weeks for standard idlers. If you need the rolls sooner let us know. We will work with you!

Contact C.R.E.W. before you place an order!

Other roll manufacturers will burden their customers with “special handling” or “service” fees!

Whether you are looking for a custom roll, a heat transfer roll or need a roll repaired fast …

C.R.E.W. works hard to meet your tough and demanding project timelines! Contact C.R.E.W. today….when it comes to custom rolls – we talk in terms of days and a few weeks for delivery versus the competition who often talk in terms of several weeks and months for delivery.

Can C.R.E.W. help me with transportation for converting roll repair?


If you have a maintenance emergency and you are located within a 75-100 mile radius of Oshkosh, WI – C.R.E.W. has a flatbed truck in which we can pick up, fix your roll, and deliver right it right back to you! Please contact C.R.E.W. about the specifics of your situation.

How do I know what converting roll model I need?
C.R.E.W. has developed a simple model number system to aid in specifying the physical dimensions, material and configuration for your idler roll requirements.

A model 500-LSA-40-60.75, is a 5” Nominal Diameter Live Shaft Aluminum Idler Roll with a 40.5” long Face and a 60.75” long Overall length.

500 : Nominal Roll Diameter in inches, machined to cleanup and specified to 2 decimal places. Examples: 2.00, 2.25, 2.50, 2.75, 3.00, 3.25, 3.50, 3.75, 4.00, 4.50, etc. Any diameter can be specified – dependent upon material availability.

LS: Configuration of roll. LS = Live Shaft, LW= Lightweight Aluminum, ML= Mighty Light Aluminum, None: Standard dead shaft.

A: Material of Roll Body. A= Aluminum, S= Carbon Steel, SS= Stainless Steel, CF=Carbon Fiber

150: Shaft diameter denoted in inches, specified to 3 decimal places. For dead shaft rolls, this is the diameter of the shaft that fits the bearings. For Live shaft rolls, this is the diameter of the bearing journals.

40.5: Facelength – denoted in inches, is specified to 2 decimal places and held to +/- 0.015″

60.75: Overall length – denoted in inches, is specified to 2 decimal places. For Dead Shaft rolls, this the length of the shaft when it is required. For Live Shaft rolls, let C.R.E.W. know if the journals are symmetrical or not.

How do I specify converting roll specifications?
  • CH: Chrome Plating
  • HC: Hardcoating (aluminum only)
  • RC: Rubber Covered
  • CG: Chevron Grooved
  • RT: Reverse Tapered
  • KN: Knurled and Ground
  • RB: Recessed Bearings
  • SI: Steel Bearing Inserts
  • DT: Drill and Tapped Shaft
  • EN: Electroless Nickel Plating
  • HL: Hardlube (TFE Hardcoating)
  • PC: Plasma Coating
  • HB: Herringbone Grooved
  • MG: Micro Grooved
  • SG: Spiral Grooved
  • LS: Live Shields (for Dead Shaft Rolls)
  • DS: Dead Shields (for Dead Shaft Rolls)
  • FC: Faced and Chamfered Shaft
What certifications does C.R.E.W. have?

C.R.E.W. is proud to hold the following certifications:

ISO 9001:2008 Certified |  View Requirements

ASME Certified R Stamp | ASME Certified U Stamp | View Requirements